On behalf of those who gather often for worship, to pray, to break bread, to serve, and to share life together at

First Presbyterian Church, welcome!

We are delighted you have found your way to us. Whether this is your first time visiting or if this is where you call home; whether you are from Lincoln or are visiting from far way; whether you are searching for a new family of faith or simply checking us out; whether you are a life long Presbyterian or from a different tradition; whether your faith is mighty or if it is wavering…

Whoever you are—whatever your story may be—know you are welcome here!

A part of what it means to be a people of God is to practice hospitality. One way we live out this call is through this website. As you navigate around, make yourself comfortable, feel free to see what we believe, how we live out our faith, and where you can find a place to share your gifts with us.

Again, thank you for stopping by. Hopefully we can be a home where your faith may be encouraged and your heart warmed by the love of God.

We give thanks to God for you. Thank you for sharing part of your time with us.


Rev. Dr.  Adam R. Quine