ministry of resources:

Personnel, Building & Grounds, Financial Components

     The Ministry of the Resources Teams oversees the personnel, building and grounds, and financial components of First Presbyterian Church. This team is essential in helping 1PC carry out its missional identity as a community sent by God to embody the reign of Love on earth. The MRT's attentiveness to the building and grounds of 1PC provides shelter, nurture, and spiritual fellowship for our faith community. The MRT also faithfully stewards the financial resources of 1PC, cultivating an atmosphere of generosity that generates a vibrant and creative ministry both within and beyond the walls of 1PC. Finally, the MRT oversees the personnel of 1PC, working with the Head of Staff to create a leadership team that helps 1PC stay connected, inspires participation, and creates opportunities for our church to deepen our faith. Below is the narrative budget for the Ministry of the Resource Team.