mission + outreach

At the heart of who we are is the good news of the Gospel, which is that the triune God—Father/Mother, Son/Christ, and Holy Spirit—creates, redeems, sustains, inspires, and rules all things and all people. Christ has called the church to care for the poor, the marginalized, and all those who are in need of love: all of God’s people. The mission of God in Christ gives shape and substance to the life and work of the Church. Below is just a glimpse of how First Presbyterian Church of Lincoln, Illinois participates in the mission of the church both locally and globally. 

Christ has given the Church all the gifts necessary to not only proclaim but also embody the reign of God here on earth. It is our hope that you will share your gifts with us to further God’s reign of love in Lincoln and beyond. 

At First Presbyterian Church we believe in order to make an lasting and transformational impact we need to develop relationships.

A major portion of our church budget goes to local organizations. We believe the church is called to care for the community beyond the walls of the church. The organizations we support are: 

Community Action

Kemmerer Village

Habitat for Humanity

Logan County Health Dept. and Dental Services

Lincoln/Logan Food Pantry

Storybook Prison Ministry

The Oasis

The Angel Tree Ministry through Christian Village of Lincoln, Illinois

Christian Child Care, Inc.

Coats for Kids

Joyce Kinzie Memorial Blood Bank Drive

ALMH Community Health Collaborative

Martin Luther King Scholarship - Lincoln College

Mom & Me Camp

global mission giving

- Presbyterian World Mission -

Lives around the world are being transformed through the ministry of Presbyterian mission workers and our global partners These ministries are addressing the root causes of poverty, sharing the good news of God’s love in Jesus Christ, and facilitating reconciliation in some of the world’s most troubled places.

Presbyterian Church U.S.A.
Special Offerings

- Pentecost Offering -

 “Children at Risk” is the special emphasis of the 40% each congregation retains. The problems of children who are struggling at home, school, and socially are common in all communities. Our share of this offering is used to help alleviate these struggles.

- Peacemaking Offering -

Programs and projects to further the cause of peace is the emphasis of this special fund. Our congregation’s 25% is earmarked for local organizations to further this endeavor.