How Ministry Works at FPC

Ministry Teams

The Ministry of the Heart

Worship, Spiritual Formation, Fellowship

These ministries focus on the internal relationship of the church. Visit our AdultsChildren, and Worship Arts pages to learn more.

Team Chairs: Cherie Aper, Keith Leesman, Mary McLaughlin


The Ministry of the Hands

Mission and Outreach

These ministries focus on the external relationships outside of the church. Visit our Local Outreach and About pages to learn more.

Team Chairs: Jim Alexander, Paul Kasa

The Ministry of the Resources

Administrative Team: Stewardship and Finance, Building and Grounds, Personnel

These ministries focus on the administrative relationship within the church.

Team Chairs:  Bob Chamberlain, Stuart Churchill, Bill Opper (Clerk of Session), Cathy Tiffany



Together, these ministries make up the larger ministry that is First Presbyterian Church. 
Each of the co-chairs are members of the session. 

The session is the governing board of the local parish in the Presbyterian Church USA. 
The session governs a particular congregation. It is made up of elders elected by the congregation,
plus all the installed pastors on the staff, including pastors, co-pastors, and associate pastors. (G-10.0101)

The session is responsible for all decisions regarding the program and policies of its congregation,
except for the two powers reserved for the congregation: the election of officers, including the pastoral staff, and the buying, selling, and/or mortgaging of church property. The constitution spells out 19 specific duties for the session. (G-10.0102, G-7.0304)

The session is composed of elders elected for specific terms of service as well as the installed pastor(s) and associate pastor(s).
It is presided over by the moderator, who is the pastor or a minister member of the Presbytery when the pastor is not available.

(G-10.0101, G-10.0103, G-14.0201)

The session elects its own clerk, who is called "Clerk of the Session." The clerk of the session must be an elder, but not necessarily one serving currently on the session. The session elects the clerk for such term as it shall determine. The clerk of the session has many duties regarding the records of the church, and also serves as secretary of meetings of the congregation. (G-9.0203, G-10.0300)